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Friday, February 19, 2016

WSC Vatshu The Black Knight 進度十七

These lines are on the inner wall of the shoulder armors, they are too shawllow for a panel line wash, and normal scribing tools can't reach inside the shoulder armor. I sharpened a pin and bent it to scribe those lines. They are not very crips and straight, those spots are hard to take aim.
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These layered details are particularly undefined, as if the photos are out of focus. I ran them over with a scribing pen, just to sharpen the corners a little, so I'd be able to do panel washing later.
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Anonymous said...

Hello, John,
I am a loyal fan of the design works of 永野護(except GTM) since L-Gaim era. I am also crazy about the FSS kits of 生嶋 and have been collecting his kits since his Volks era.
Over the years, I only browsed Japanese web/blog including those mentioned in your blog, such as 山岡哲,バーバーメタログ(hope he is fine during the earthquakee),あおきさん,..., etc. until these days when I came across your web/blog which were so impressive and appealing. Certainly, this is the best site on FSS GK modelling that I have ever seen. Please keep on show me more, in particular those techniques on building free-posting kits.


大佬John said...

Glad to hear you like it.
I'll try to provide more content, hopefully get 1 finish per year.