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Friday, June 10, 2016

WSC Vatshu The Black Knight 進度十九

Color scheme.
The bigger squares are the colors that I eye ball -ed. While the smaller squares show the colors from PS dropper.
The dropped ones are either brighter or darker than the ones I eye ball -ed.
Take the red on the round thingy on the shoulder, for instance, because of the 3 shades, it appeared brighter to the eyes. I guess I will go for the one that feels right.
The eyes have no red but a dull orange and yellow. Sword guards are actually deep purple.
Posted Image

See the shadow on the lower edge suggested the surface is curved inward at the very edge.
The concern is that if the finish is semi-gloss or gloss, the light reflected is going to curve accordingly, and it won't be pretty. Escpecially this surface would be facing at 45 degree toward the ceiling
These parts are the ankle guards
Posted ImagePosted Image

Fixed, by filling CA+baby powder and carefully sanded.
Posted ImagePosted Image

Everything on the legs is ready for priming.
Posted ImagePosted Image

Posted Image
Posted Image

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